The Oyez Project provides audio/text synchronization to 2010 Term arguments.

Draw near and give your attention to The NEW Oyez Project

We're always adding new U.S. Supreme Court audio recordings, but now we're also preparing to roll out some major website improvements.

The NEW Oyez Project still has all the features you've come to expect: concise case overviews, Justice biographies, and multimedia features like the Virtual Supreme Court Tour.

But now you can also:
  • Enjoy a cleaner, more modern look-and-feel
  • View more case details at-a-glance (example)
  • Browse cases in a variety of new ways (see tags)
  • View tables of cases by term, issue, or author
  • Sort tables by title, date, docket number, etc.
  • Search transcripts for specific expressions or speakers

And the new Oyez Flash Audio/Video Player by Nonstop Workshop allows you to:

  • Scroll through transcripts with embedded images
  • Quickly jump to separate arguments within a case
  • Search for phrases by one or more specific speakers
  • View speaker statistics along a color-coded timeline

And that's just the beginning.  A group of selected editors will soon be using the new Oyez Player to:

  • Highlight key points within an argument, using annotations
  • Mark and save portions of an argument, using clips
  • Correct transcript errors and misidentified speakers

The result will be a much richer experience for all Oyez listeners.

We're going to spend the next few weeks ironing out any lingering bugs.  So please give the new website a try.  Look up some of your favorite cases, browse the opinions your favorite Justice wrote last year, or search for something an attorney or Justice may have said in oral argument.

Indulge yourself, and help us make The Oyez Project better.

Whenever you find a problem, or just want to make a comment, click:

at the top of any page.  It's easy, it's free, and it'll make you feel good.

Finally, we want to thank the following companies for their enormous efforts in making The NEW Oyez Project a reality:

We couldn't have done it without them!