Stephen G. Breyer

CaseDecisionDecision DateVote
Eldred v. AshcroftWrote a dissentJanuary 15, 20037-2
Archer v. WarnerWrote the majority opinionMarch 31, 20037-2
Black & Decker Disability Plan v. NordWrote the majority opinionMay 27, 20039-0
United States v. American Library AssociationWrote a special concurrenceJune 23, 20036-3
Howsam v. Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.Wrote the majority opinionDecember 10, 20028-0
Stogner v. CaliforniaWrote the majority opinionJune 26, 20035-4
Dole Food Co. v. PatricksonWrote a special concurrenceApril 22, 20039-0
FCC v. Nextwave Communications, Inc.Wrote a dissentJanuary 27, 20038-1
Fitzgerald v. Racing Association of Central IowaWrote the majority opinionJune 9, 20039-0
Demore v. KimWrote a dissentApril 29, 20035-4
Green Tree Financial Corp. v. BazzleWrote the judgment of the CourtJune 23, 20035-4
National Park Hospitality Assn. v. Dept. of the InteriorWrote a dissentMay 27, 20037-2
Gratz v. BollingerWrote a special concurrence, joined O'Connor's concurrenceJune 23, 20036-3
Nike, Inc. v. KaskyWrote a dissentJune 26, 20036-3
Ewing v. CaliforniaWrote a dissent, joined Stevens' dissentMarch 5, 20035-4
United States v. RecioWrote the majority opinionJanuary 21, 20038-1
Meyer v. HolleyWrote the majority opinionJanuary 22, 20039-0
Sell v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionJune 16, 20036-3
Alabama v. North CarolinaJoined part of Roberts' opinion; wrote an opinion concurring in part and dissenting in partJune 1, 20106-3

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