Hugo L. Black

CaseDecisionDecision DateVote
Western Union Co. v. PennsylvaniaWrote the majority opinionDecember 4, 19619-0
Carnley v. CochranWrote a special concurrenceApril 30, 19627-0
St. Regis Paper Co. v. United StatesWrote a dissentDecember 11, 19616-3
Beck v. WashingtonWrote a dissentMay 14, 19624-3
Central R. Co. v. PennsylvaniaWrote a regular concurrenceJune 25, 19627-0
Labor Bd. v. Washington Aluminum Co.Wrote the majority opinionMay 28, 19627-0
Still v. Norfolk & Western R. Co.Wrote the majority opinionNovember 13, 19618-1
Dairy Queen v. WoodWrote the majority opinionApril 30, 19627-0
Sinclair Refining Co. v. AtkinsonWrote the majority opinionJune 18, 19625-3
Engel v. VitaleWrote the majority opinionJune 25, 19626-1
Goldlawr, Inc. v. HeimanWrote the majority opinionApril 30, 19625-2
Campbell v. HusseyWrote a dissentDecember 18, 19616-3
State Bd. Of Ins. v. Todd ShipyardsWrote a dissentJune 25, 19626-1
Griggs v. Allegheny CountyWrote a dissentMarch 5, 19627-2
Simonson v. GranquistWrote the majority opinionMarch 5, 19627-2
Blau v. LehmanWrote the majority opinionJanuary 22, 19626-2
In Re McconnellWrote the majority opinionJune 18, 19625-2
Teamsters Local v. Lucas Flour Co.Wrote a dissentMarch 5, 19628-1
Seymour v. SuperintendentWrote the majority opinionJanuary 15, 19629-0
U.S. v. Union Central Life Ins. Co.Wrote the majority opinionDecember 18, 19618-1
Link v. Wabash Railroad Co.Wrote a dissentJune 25, 19624-3
Lehigh Valley Coop. v. United StatesWrote a dissentJune 4, 19626-1
Hill v. United StatesWrote a dissentJanuary 22, 19625-4
Kesler v. Dept. Of Public SafetyWrote a dissentMarch 26, 19625-3
Killian v. United StatesWrote a dissent, joined Douglas' dissentDecember 11, 19615-4
United States v. National Dairy Corp.Wrote a dissentFebruary 18, 19636-3

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