Harry A. Blackmun

CaseDecisionDecision DateVote
Bullington v. MissouriWrote the majority opinionMay 4, 19815-4
Federated Department Stores, Inc. v. MoitieWrote a special concurrenceJune 15, 19818-1
United States v. DifrancescoWrote the majority opinionDecember 9, 19805-4
Parratt v. TaylorWrote a regular concurrenceMay 18, 19818-1
American Express Co. v. KoernerWrote the majority opinionJune 8, 19819-0
San Diego Gas & Electric Co. v. San DiegoWrote the majority opinionMarch 24, 19815-4
Pennhurst State School v. HaldermanWrote a special concurrenceApril 20, 19816-3
Newport v. Fact Concerts, Inc.Wrote the majority opinionJune 26, 19816-3
Universities Research Assn. v. CoutuWrote the majority opinionApril 6, 19819-0
Gulf Offshore Co. v. Mobil Oil Corp.Wrote a special concurrenceJuly 1, 19818-0
Thomas v. Review Board of the Indiana Employment Security DivisionWrote a special concurrenceApril 6, 19818-1
Jones v. HelmsWrote a special concurrenceJune 15, 19819-0
Allen v. MccurryWrote a dissentDecember 9, 19806-3
Heffron v. Int. Society for Krishna ConsciousnessWrote a dissentJune 22, 19815-4
Robbins v. CaliforniaWrote a dissentJuly 1, 19816-3
Weaver v. GrahamWrote a special concurrenceFebruary 24, 19819-0
Lassiter v. Department Of Social ServicesWrote a dissentJune 1, 19815-4
Rosewell v. Lasalle National BankWrote a regular concurrenceMarch 24, 19815-4
Milwaukee v. IllinoisWrote a dissentApril 28, 19816-3
St. Martin Lutheran Church v. South DakotaWrote the majority opinionMay 26, 19819-0
First National Maintenance Corp. v. NLRBWrote the majority opinionJune 22, 19817-2
United Parcel Service, Inc. v. MitchellWrote a regular concurrenceApril 20, 19819-0
Arizona v. ManypennyWrote the majority opinionApril 21, 19817-2
Mccarty v. MccartyWrote the majority opinionJune 26, 19816-3
County Of Imperial v. MunozWrote a special concurrenceDecember 2, 19806-2
Commonwealth Edison Co. v. MontanaWrote a dissentJuly 2, 19816-3
EEOC v. Associated Dry Goods Corp.Wrote a special concurrenceJanuary 26, 19816-1
Haig v. AgeeWrote a regular concurrenceJune 29, 19817-2
Schweiker v. WilsonWrote the majority opinionMarch 4, 19815-4
Webb's Fabulous Pharmacies Inc. v. BeckwithWrote the majority opinionDecember 9, 19809-0
Fedorenko v. United StatesWrote a special concurrenceJanuary 21, 19817-2
Sumner v. MataWrote a special concurrenceJanuary 21, 19816-3
Rubin v. United StatesWrote a special concurrenceJanuary 21, 19819-0
Potomac Electric Power Co. v. Director, OwcpWrote a dissentDecember 15, 19808-1
Michael M. v. Superior Court of Sonoma CountyWrote a special concurrenceMarch 23, 19815-4
Schad v. Mount EphraimWrote a regular concurrenceJune 1, 19817-2
Rhodes v. ChapmanWrote a special concurrence, joined Brennan's concurrenceJune 15, 19818-1
California Medical Assn. v. FecWrote a regular concurrenceJune 26, 19815-0
Montana v. United StatesWrote a dissentMarch 24, 19816-3

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