Clarence Thomas

CaseDecisionDecision DateVote
United States v. MorrisonWrote a regular concurrenceMay 15, 20005-4
Shalala v. Illinois Council on Long Term Care, Inc.Wrote a dissentFebruary 29, 20005-4
Christensen v. Harris CountyWrote the majority opinionMay 1, 20006-3
Troxel v. GranvilleWrote a special concurrenceJune 5, 20006-3
Beck v. PrupisWrote the majority opinionApril 26, 20007-2
Carter v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionJune 12, 20005-4
Baral v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionFebruary 22, 20009-0
Nixon v. Shrink Missouri Government PACWrote a dissentJanuary 24, 20006-3
United States v. Playboy Entertainment Group, Inc.Wrote a regular concurrenceMay 22, 20005-4
United States v. HubbellWrote a regular concurrenceJune 5, 20008-1
Apprendi v. New JerseyWrote a regular concurrenceJune 26, 20005-4
Sims v. ApfelWrote the majority opinionJune 5, 20005-4
Fischer v. United StatesWrote a dissentMay 15, 20007-2
Harris Trust & Sav. Bank v. Salomon Smith Barney Inc.Wrote the majority opinionJune 12, 20009-0
Mitchell v. HelmsWrote the judgment of the CourtJune 28, 20006-3
Jones v. United StatesWrote a regular concurrence, joined Stevens' concurrenceMay 22, 20009-0
Smith v. RobbinsWrote the majority opinionJanuary 19, 20005-4
Kimel v. Florida Bd. Of RegentsWrote a regular concurrenceJanuary 11, 20005-4
Johnson v. United StatesWrote a special concurrenceMay 15, 20008-1
Stenberg v. CarhartWrote a dissentJune 28, 20005-4
United States By And Through Internal Revenue Service v. McdermottWrote a dissentMarch 24, 19936-3
District Of Columbia v. Greater Washington Board Of TradeWrote the majority opinionDecember 14, 19928-1
Graham v. Collins, Director, Texas Department Of Criminal Justice, ...Wrote a regular concurrenceJanuary 25, 19935-4
FCC v. Beach Communications, Inc.Wrote the majority opinionJune 1, 19939-0
Lockhart, Director, Arkansas Department Of Correction v. FretwellWrote a regular concurrenceJanuary 25, 19937-2
Godinez, Warden v. MoranWrote the majority opinionJune 24, 19937-2
Farrar, Coadministrators Of Estate Of Farrar, Deceased v. HobbyWrote the majority opinionDecember 14, 19925-4
Northeastern Florida Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of ...Wrote the majority opinionJune 14, 19937-2
Richmond v. Lewis, Director, Arizona Department Of CorrectionsWrote a regular concurrenceDecember 1, 19928-1
Commissioner Of Internal Revenue v. SolimanWrote a special concurrenceJanuary 12, 19938-1
Csx Transportation, Inc. v. EasterwoodWrote a regular concurrenceApril 21, 19939-0
Concrete Pipe & Products Of California, Inc. v. Construction Laborers ...Wrote a special concurrenceJune 14, 19939-0
Harper v. Virginia Department Of TaxationWrote the majority opinionJune 18, 19937-2
Professional Real Estate Investors, Inc. v. Columbia Pictures ...Wrote the majority opinionMay 3, 19939-0
Helling v. McKinneyWrote a dissentJune 18, 19937-2
Nobelman Et Ux. v. American Savings BankWrote the majority opinionJune 1, 19939-0
Delaware v. New YorkWrote the majority opinionMarch 30, 19936-3
South Dakota v. Bourland, Individually And As Chairman Of The Cheyenne ...Wrote the majority opinionJune 14, 19937-2
Rowland, Former Director, California Department Of Corrections v. ...Wrote a dissentJanuary 12, 19935-4
Republic National Bank Of Miami v. United StatesWrote a special concurrenceDecember 14, 19929-0
Rake v. Wade, TrusteeWrote the majority opinionJune 7, 19939-0
Musick, Peeler & Garrett v. Employers Insurance Of WausauWrote a dissentJune 1, 19936-3
Johnson v. TexasWrote a regular concurrenceJune 24, 19935-4
United States v. SalernoWrote the majority opinionJune 19, 19928-1
United States v. FordiceWrote a regular concurrenceJune 26, 19928-1
Taylor v. Freeland & KranzWrote the majority opinionApril 21, 19928-1
Nordlinger v. HahnWrote a special concurrenceJune 18, 19928-1
United States v. WilsonWrote the majority opinionMarch 24, 19927-2
Lechmere Inc. v. NLRBWrote the majority opinionJanuary 27, 19926-3
Hudson v. McMillianWrote a dissentFebruary 25, 19927-2
Riggins v. NevadaWrote a dissentMay 18, 19927-2
Connecticut National Bank v. Germain, Trustee For The Estate Of ...Wrote the majority opinionMarch 9, 19929-0
Molzof, Personal Representative Of The Estate Of Molzof v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionJanuary 14, 19929-0
Wright, Warden v. WestWrote the judgment of the CourtJune 19, 19929-0
Dawson v. DelawareWrote a dissentMarch 9, 19928-1
Evans v. United StatesWrote a dissentMay 26, 19926-3
Two Pesos, Inc. v. Taco Cabana, Inc.Wrote a special concurrenceJune 26, 19929-0
Robertson, Chief, United States Forest Service v. Seattle Audubon SocietyWrote the majority opinionMarch 25, 19929-0
White v. IllinoisWrote a special concurrenceJanuary 15, 19929-0
Georgia v. McCollumWrote a special concurrenceJune 18, 19927-2
Foucha v. LouisianaWrote a dissentMay 18, 19925-4
Wyoming v. OklahomaWrote a dissent, joined Scalia's dissentJanuary 22, 19926-3
Doggett v. United StatesWrote a dissentJune 24, 19925-4
United States v. R. L. C.Wrote a regular concurrence, joined Scalia's concurrenceMarch 24, 19927-2
Melendez v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionJune 17, 19967-2
Lewis v. CaseyWrote a regular concurrenceJune 24, 19968-1
United States v. International Business Machines Corp.Wrote the majority opinionJune 10, 19966-2
Commissioner v. LundyWrote a dissentJanuary 17, 19967-2
Denver Area Consortium v. FCCWrote a special concurrenceJune 28, 19967-2
Morse v. Republican Party Of VirginiaWrote a dissent, joined Scalia's dissentMarch 27, 19965-4
Bush v. VeraWrote a special concurrenceJune 13, 19965-4
Colorado Rep Fed Campaign Comm v. FECWrote a special concurrenceJune 26, 19967-2
United States v. Reorganized CF& I Fab. of UTWrote a special concurrenceJune 20, 19969-0
Exxon Co. USA v. SofecWrote the majority opinionJune 10, 19969-0
Thompson v. Keohane, WardenWrote a dissentNovember 29, 19957-2
Things Remembered, Inc. v. PetrarcaWrote the majority opinionDecember 5, 19959-0
Lockheed Corp. v. SpinkWrote the majority opinionJune 10, 19969-0
Peacock v. ThomasWrote the majority opinionFebruary 21, 19968-1
Bennis v. MichiganWrote a regular concurrenceMarch 4, 19965-4
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. v. EpsteinWrote the majority opinionFebruary 27, 19966-3
44 Liquormart Inc. v. Rhode IslandWrote a special concurrenceMay 13, 19969-0
Norfolk & Western Railway Co. v. HilesWrote the majority opinionFebruary 27, 19969-0
Doctor's Associates Inc. v. CasarottoWrote a dissentMay 20, 19968-1
Henderson v. United StatesWrote a dissentMay 20, 19966-3
Varity Corp. v. HoweWrote a dissentMarch 19, 19966-3
Loving v. United StatesWrote a special concurrenceJune 3, 19969-0
Bogan and Roderick v. Scott-HarrisWrote the majority opinionMarch 3, 19989-0
National Credit Union Administration v. First National BankWrote the majority opinionFebruary 25, 19985-4
Eastern Enterprises v. ApfelWrote a regular concurrenceJune 25, 19985-4
Dooley v. Korean AirlinesWrote the majority opinionJune 8, 19989-0
Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc.Wrote a regular concurrenceMarch 4, 19989-0
Cass County, MN v. Leech Lake Band of Chippewa IndiansWrote the majority opinionJune 8, 19989-0
Penn. Board of Probation v. ScottWrote the majority opinionJune 22, 19985-4
Caron v. United StatesWrote a dissentJune 22, 19986-3
Hopkins, Warden v. ReevesWrote the majority opinionJune 8, 19988-1
Feltner v. Columbia Pictures Television, Inc.Wrote the majority opinionMarch 31, 19989-0
Stewart v. Martinez-VillarealWrote a dissent, joined Scalia's dissentMay 18, 19987-2
United States v. SchefferWrote the majority opinionMarch 31, 19988-1
United States v. BajakajianWrote the majority opinionJune 22, 19985-4
Faragher v. City of Boca RatonWrote a dissentJune 26, 19987-2
Oubre v. Entergy Operations Inc.Wrote a dissentJanuary 26, 19986-3
Burlington Industries, Inc. v. EllerthWrote a dissentJune 26, 19987-2
Alaska v. Native Village of Venetie Tribal GovernmentWrote the majority opinionFebruary 25, 19989-0
Calif. Div. of Labor Standards Enf. v. Dillingham Constr.Wrote the majority opinionFebruary 18, 19979-0
Young v. HarperWrote the majority opinionMarch 18, 19979-0
United States v. LaBonteWrote the majority opinionMay 27, 19976-3
Hughes Aircraft Co. v. United States ex rel. SchumerWrote the majority opinionJune 16, 19979-0
Robinson v. Shell Oil Co.Wrote the majority opinionFebruary 18, 19979-0
M.L.B V. S.L.J.Wrote a dissentDecember 16, 19966-3
Reno v. Bossier Parish School BoardWrote a regular concurrenceMay 12, 19977-2
United States v. O'haganWrote a dissentJune 25, 19976-3
Glickman v. Wileman Brothers & ElliottWrote a dissent, joined Souter's dissentJune 25, 19975-4
Camps Newfound/Owatonna v. HarrisonWrote a dissent, joined Scalia's dissentMay 19, 19975-4
Printz v. United StatesWrote a regular concurrenceJune 27, 19975-4
Warner Jenkinson Co., Inc. v. Hilton Davis Chemical Co.Wrote the majority opinionMarch 3, 19979-0
United States v. AlaskaWrote a dissentJune 19, 19976-3
Kansas v. HendricksWrote the majority opinionJune 23, 19975-4
Lynce v. MathisWrote a regular concurrenceFebruary 19, 19979-0
Staples v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionMay 23, 19947-2
Security Services, Inc. v. Kmart Corp.Wrote a dissentMay 16, 19947-2
Fogerty v. Fantasy, Inc.Wrote a special concurrenceMarch 1, 19949-0
Northwest Airlines, Inc. v. County Of Kent, MichiganWrote a dissentJanuary 24, 19947-1
Consolidated Rail Corporation v. GottshallWrote the majority opinionJune 24, 19946-3
Mcfarland v. Scott, Director, Texas Department Of Criminal Justice, ...Wrote a dissentJune 30, 19945-4
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. MeyerWrote the majority opinionFebruary 23, 19949-0
United States v. James Daniel Good Real PropertyWrote a dissentDecember 13, 19935-4
Powell v. NevadaWrote a dissentMarch 30, 19947-2
Shannon v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionJune 24, 19947-2
Holder, Individually And In His Official Capacity As County ...Wrote a special concurrenceJune 30, 19945-4
United States Department Of Defense v. Federal Labor Relations AuthorityWrote the majority opinionFebruary 23, 19949-0
Associated Industries of Missouri v. LohmanWrote the majority opinionMay 23, 19949-0
PUD No. 1 Of Jefferson County v. Washington Department Of EcologyWrote a dissentMay 31, 19947-2
Heck v. HumphreyWrote a regular concurrenceJune 24, 19949-0
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. v. Harris Trust And Savings ...Wrote a dissentDecember 13, 19936-3
Thomas Jefferson University, Dba Thomas Jefferson University Hospital ...Wrote a dissentJune 24, 19945-4
Farmer v. Brennan, WardenWrote a special concurrenceJune 6, 19949-0
Oregon Waste Systems, Inc. v. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Wrote the majority opinionApril 4, 19947-2
Johnson, Speaker Of The Florida House Of Representatives v. De GrandyWrote a dissentJune 30, 19947-2
United States v. Alvarez-SanchezWrote the majority opinionMay 2, 19949-0
Anderson, Director, California Department Of Social ServicesWrote the majority opinionMarch 22, 19959-0
Mastrobuono v. Shearson Lehman Hutton, Inc.Wrote a dissentMarch 6, 19958-1
Missouri v. JenkinsWrote a regular concurrenceJune 12, 19955-4
Nebraska Department Of Revenue v. LoewensteinWrote the majority opinionDecember 12, 19949-0
Adarand Constructors v. PenaWrote a regular concurrenceJune 12, 19955-4
U.S. Term Limits v. ThorntonWrote a dissentMay 22, 19955-4
United States v. LopezWrote a regular concurrenceApril 26, 19955-4
Garlotte v. Fordice, Governor Of MississippiWrote a dissentMay 30, 19957-2
National Private Truck Council, Inc. v. Oklahoma Tax CommissionWrote the majority opinionJune 19, 19959-0
California Department Of Corrections v. MoralesWrote the majority opinionApril 25, 19957-2
O'neal v. Mcaninch, WardenWrote a dissentFebruary 21, 19956-3
McIntyre v. Ohio Elections CommissionWrote a special concurrenceApril 19, 19957-2
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Bd. v. PinetteWrote a regular concurrenceJune 29, 19957-2
Freightliner Corp. v. MyrickWrote the majority opinionApril 18, 19959-0
Rosenberger v. University of VirginiaWrote a regular concurrenceJune 29, 19955-4
Gustafson v. Alloyd Co., Inc., Fka Alloyd Holdings, Inc.Wrote a dissentFebruary 28, 19955-4
Allied-Bruce Terminix Co. v. DobsonWrote a dissentJanuary 18, 19957-2
Rubin, Secretary Of The Treasury v. Coors Brewing Co.Wrote the majority opinionApril 19, 19959-0
Wilson v. ArkansasWrote the majority opinionMay 22, 19959-0
City of Edmonds v. Oxford HouseWrote a dissentMay 15, 19956-3
United States v. MezzanattoWrote the majority opinionJanuary 18, 19957-2
Nebraska v. WyomingWrote a dissentMay 30, 19958-1
Jerome B. Grubart Inc. v. Great Lakes Dredge and DockWrote a special concurrenceFebruary 22, 19957-0
United States v. Rodriguez-MorenoWrote the majority opinionMarch 30, 19997-2
Hughes Aircraft Company v. JacobsonWrote the majority opinionJanuary 25, 19999-0
Holloway v. United StatesWrote a dissentMarch 2, 19997-2
Arizona Department of Revenue v. Blaze Constr. Co.Wrote the majority opinionMarch 2, 19999-0
Chicago v. MoralesWrote a dissentJune 10, 19996-3
Florida v. WhiteWrote the majority opinionMay 17, 19997-2
AT&T v. Iowa Utilities BoardWrote a special concurrenceJanuary 25, 19997-1
Olmstead v. ZimringWrote a dissentJune 22, 19996-3
South Central Bell Telephone v. AlabamaWrote a regular concurrenceMarch 23, 19999-0
City of West Covina v. PerkinsWrote a special concurrenceJanuary 13, 19999-0
Albertsons Inc. v. KirkingburgWrote a regular concurrenceJune 22, 19997-2
Saenz v. RoeWrote a dissent, joined Rehnquist's dissentMay 17, 19997-2
NASA v. FLRAWrote a dissentJune 17, 19995-4
Mitchell v. United StatesWrote a dissent, joined Scalia's dissentApril 5, 19995-4
Minnesota v. Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa IndiansWrote a dissent, joined Rehnquist's dissentMarch 24, 19995-4
Bank of America v. 203 North LaSalle PartnershipWrote a special concurrenceMay 3, 19998-1
Cedar Rapids Comm. Sch. Dist. v. Garret F. and Charlene F.Wrote a dissentMarch 3, 19997-2
Cunningham v. Hamilton County OHWrote the majority opinionJune 14, 19999-0
Lilly v. VirginiaWrote a special concurrenceJune 10, 19999-0
Buckley v. American Constitutional Law Foundation Inc.Wrote a special concurrenceJanuary 12, 19996-3
Reno v. Bossier Parish School BoardWrote a regular concurrenceJanuary 24, 20005-4
Lopez v. Monterey CountyWrote a dissentJanuary 20, 19998-1
Hunt v. CromartieWrote the majority opinionMay 17, 19999-0
Greater New Orleans Broadcasting Assoc. v. U.S.Wrote a special concurrenceJune 14, 19999-0
Jones v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionJune 21, 19995-4

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