Anthony M. Kennedy

CaseDecisionDecision DateVote
Monterey v. Del Monte Dunes At Monterey, Ltd.Wrote the majority opinionMay 24, 19999-0
United States v. Haggar Apparel CompanyWrote the majority opinionApril 21, 19999-0
Chicago v. MoralesWrote a regular concurrenceJune 10, 19996-3
Davis v. Monroe County Board of EducationWrote a dissentMay 24, 19995-4
Alden v. MaineWrote the majority opinionJune 23, 19995-4
Olmstead v. ZimringWrote a special concurrenceJune 22, 19996-3
City of West Covina v. PerkinsWrote the majority opinionJanuary 13, 19999-0
INS v. Aguirre-AguirreWrote the majority opinionMay 3, 19999-0
Amoco Production Company v. Southern Ute Indian TribeWrote the majority opinionJune 7, 19997-1
Marquez v. Screen Actors GuildWrote a regular concurrenceNovember 3, 19989-0
Mitchell v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionApril 5, 19995-4
Minnesota v. CarterWrote a regular concurrenceDecember 1, 19986-3
Cunningham v. Hamilton County OHWrote a regular concurrenceJune 14, 19999-0
West v. GibsonWrote a dissentJune 14, 19995-4
Jones v. United StatesWrote a dissentMarch 24, 19995-4
Richardson v. United StatesWrote a dissentJune 1, 19996-3
Peguero v. United StatesWrote the majority opinionMarch 2, 19999-0
Lopez v. Monterey CountyWrote a special concurrenceJanuary 20, 19998-1

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