Monday, June 20 1994

Case Docket No. Granted Argued Decided Majority Author Vote
Director, Office Of Workers' Compensation Programs, Department Of Labor v. Greenwich Collieries 93-744 04/25/1994 06/20/1994 Sandra Day O'Connor6-3
Barclays Bank Plc v. Franchise Tax Board Of California 92-1384 03/28/1994 06/20/1994 Ruth Bader Ginsburg7-2
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. v. Norris 92-2058 04/28/1994 06/20/1994 Harry A. Blackmun9-0
Reed v. Farley, Superintendent, Indiana State Prison 93-5418 03/28/1994 06/20/1994 Ruth Bader Ginsburg5-4