Wednesday, February 24 1993

Case Docket No. Granted Argued Decided Majority Author Vote
Negonsott v. Samuels, Warden 91-5397 01/11/1993 02/24/1993 William H. Rehnquist9-0
Voinovich, Governor Of Ohio v. Quilter, Speaker Pro Tempore Of Ohio House Of Representatives 91-1618 12/08/1992 02/24/1993 Sandra Day O'Connor9-0
United States v. A Parcel Of Land, Buildings, Appurtenances, And Improvements, Known As 92 Buena Vista Avenue, Rumson, New Jersey 91-781 10/13/1992 02/24/1993 John Paul Stevens6-3
Zobrest v. Catalina Foothills School District 92-94 02/24/1993 06/18/1993 William H. Rehnquist5-4
Lamb's Chapel v. Center Moriches School District 91-2024 02/24/1993 06/07/1993 Byron R. White9-0
United States Department Of Justice v. Landano 91-2054 02/24/1993 05/24/1993 Sandra Day O'Connor9-0