Tuesday, December 8 1992

Case Docket No. Granted Argued Decided Majority Author Vote
Voinovich, Governor Of Ohio v. Quilter, Speaker Pro Tempore Of Ohio House Of Representatives 91-1618 12/08/1992 02/24/1993 Sandra Day O'Connor9-0
United States Department Of Treasury v. Fabe, Superintendent Of Insurance Of Ohio 91-1513 12/08/1992 06/11/1993 Harry A. Blackmun5-4
Soldal Et Ux. v. Cook County, Illinois 91-6516 10/05/1992 12/08/1992 Byron R. White9-0
Fex v. Michigan 91-7873 12/08/1992 02/23/1993 Antonin Scalia7-2